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Haven’t been on Tumblr in awhile…

I’m going to a weight loss clinic tonight to get an Rx for adipex ;)

Quick update on my juice fast…

Day 5: Down a total of 12lbs.!

Day 6: Down another 0.2lbs. (I ate a salad this day though because I was no where near my juicer)

Day 7: I had my morning juice then went to a Ren Faire in NY,  I ate grapes and a salad there and another salad for dinner.  I will post my results tomorrow.  I will be eating on Monday this week for a family member’s birthday lunch.

This week’s goals are to start going to the gym and doing another juice fast from Tuesday to Saturday.

Juice Fast: Day 4 Results

Down 2.4lbs. A total of 10.6lbs. since Monday.

Juice Fast: Day 3 Results

Down another 1.4lbs. That’s 8.2 total since Monday.

Juice Fast: Day 2 Results

Down another 1.8lbs. On day 3 now… will let you know the results tomorrow.

Started a Juice Fast

Started 8/6/12… weighed myself this morning… DOWN 5lbs.!

How Can This Be?

An old woman like Paula Deen can lose 30lbs. in a blink of an eye, and I’m 28 years old and can’t lose an ounce.


… of being a fat ass. I keep saying I’m going to change and yet, I haven’t.

Finally Back…

I have been sooo stressed lately due to my friend’s wedding. But now it’s over and I’m back from Florida and ready to get back on track.

Well it’s official…

Megan Fox is pregnant… there goes her figure.

WARNING: Extremely disgusting video… but it will make you not want to eat for a long while.